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  • Current processing time is 2-3 weeks, + shipping. (most stud earrings ship within a week)


How long does it take to get my jewelry?

Items that are marked 'ready to ship' will be shipped in 1-3 business days.  All 'made-to-order' items are crafted by hand to your specifications, after purchase has been completed.  Because of this and the great care that goes into making your special piece, production time is about 3 weeks.  This does not include shipping time.  If my production time goes over 3 weeks, due to order volume, I will make note of it in the announcement bar at the top of the webpage.

I got a notification that my order has been shipped, but the tracking says "shipping label created" and no other information.  Where is the rest of the tracking information?

This seems to be a growing problem with the USPS.  They are not updating their tracking information at all or days later.  Please know that the day you receive your shipping notification is the exact same day I physically drop your order off at the post office.  If it has been over a week (domestic only) and you still haven't received your package, then it is time to contact the USPS.

This is a gift.  Can I send it directly to the recipient?

Yes, you sure can!  Just make sure you have entered the correct shipping address of the recipient. If you'd like to include a gift message, you may write it in the notes section at checkout.  All orders come packaged in a cute gift box with a bow.

How do I find my ring size?

Going to your local jeweler to get sized is the best option, but many have had success using my Reusable Ring Sizer.  You can purchase one from my shop ( ) to insure you order the correct size.  There is no resizing on rings.

When ordering rings that will be stacked, do I need to size up?

Not at all! Go ahead and order your true ring size and I will do all the math to accommodate for stacking.

What size stones do you use and how wide are the ring bands?

I know how difficult it can be to shop online, without seeing an item in person.  Also, because I photograph my pieces with a professional DSLR camera, macro lens, and crop in very close, it can cause the piece to be enlarged, appearing larger than it is.  It also shows details that are not necessarily seen with the naked eye.  For this reason, I list all measurements in the description of each listing, so please refer to a ruler for measurements.

What is 14k gold-filled?

14k gold-filled contains a layer of 14k gold that has been bonded by pressure to a base metal.  The layer of gold is 100x thicker than plated jewelry.  It will not peel or flake off.  It is a wonderful, less expensive alternative to 14k solid gold.

Things to note about 14k gold-filled pieces: I use 14k yellow gold solder for all my gold rings. Because of the layer of gold on the pieces, I can not perfectly sand/file down the solder joints, as it will expose the base metal underneath.  You will see a slight difference in color, but it will be at the bottom of the ring and not visible, when wearing it. Please understand this, when purchasing 14k gold-filled items.

What are the opals you use in your designs?

The opals I use are certified by the GIA as being a true synthetic opal, which means it has all the properties of a natural opal. The colors in the opal are produced by the light and are not dyed or produced artificially. The difference between synthetic and natural opal, is that the slow process that a natural opal goes through is sped up in a lab for about a year to produce synthetic opals. Because they contain at least 80% silica, they are not as fragile as natural opals and will not crack, dry out, yellow, or lose its fire over time. These qualities make them a great alternative for everyday jewelry. Plus, the colors they come in are amazing! I work directly with the opal manufacturer to have them custom made to my specifications.

My jewelry has tarnished.  What do I do?

It is extremely important to treat your jewelry with care.  It is never advisable to wear your jewelry while swimming, cleaning, bathing, or while wearing lotions, perfumes, or oils.  Chemical reactions can happen with metals, so it's best if you wipe your jewelry with a polishing cloth after each wear and store it in a small baggie or the box it came in.  If your piece has tarnished, simply use a polishing cloth to clean it right off.  If the tarnish is a bit stubborn, combine warm water with a bit of liquid dishwashing soap (Dawn is great brand).  Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush your piece.

How will I know when you have a sale?

To be in the know of sales or promotions, subscribe by signing up with your email.  You will be notified of sales, special promotions for registered members only, or occasionally a newsletter.

How many people work at LE Jewelry Designs?

Just one! Lauren (me!) is the sole woman behind the brand.  I do everything from making your piece, to packaging it, to ordering supplies, to managing all social media, to answering all correspondence.