Mood Necklace

Sold individually
• MADE TO ORDER - please allow for production time
• MATERIALS:  sterling silver, color changing cabochon

If you love mood jewelry, you will love this beautiful, color changing mood pendant! I have set either a 12mm or 14mm mood cabochon in a sterling silver gallery bezel. You have your choice of 3 different lengths.

It is very important to not get mood jewelry wet, or come in contact with lotions, oils, perfumes, etc.  It will cause the color changing effects to stop working.

• mood cabochon: 12mm or 14mm
 chain length: 16", 18", 20"

• Black - Stressed, Cold, Uptight, Tense
• Brown - Nervous, Anxious, Puzzled
• Red - Energized, Restless, Distracted
• Amber - Hopeful, Mixed Emotions, Unpredictable
• Green - Amused, Upbeat, Cheerful
• Blue - Relaxed, Calm, Love, Tranquil
• Dark Blue / Purple - Passionate, Hot, Excited

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