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Your jewelry is made to wear every day, but special steps should be taken in order to maintain its beauty. Please, avoid wearing lotions, perfumes, swimming/bathing, using household cleaning products, exercising, gardening, or other activities that could harm your jewelry. Skin oils, lotions, and soaps can cause your jewelry to become dull looking. To shine it back up, use a mild detergent and a soft brush or the polishing cloth/pad that was included in your order. To avoid tarnishing, wipe your piece clean with the polishing cloth/pad and store in an air tight baggie or the box it came in, after each use.

For pieces that have darkened lettering:  Though this is not my process, here is a quick and easy DIY to darken the letters back up, after they have faded. Use a thick, black Sharpie marker to fill in the letters. Let dry for 10 mins and repeat. Once dry, use an alcohol wipe or the included polish pad to wipe away any access marker from the piece.  

Mood Jewelry:  Do not get your mood jewelry wet.  This will cause the color changing effects to stop working.