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LE Jewelry Designs is celebrating 15 yrs of business! I began selling my designs in 2006 and it still continues to be my passion and I am so grateful to be able to focus on my jewelry full-time. I find great joy in knowing how special some of my pieces can be for someone, whether it be symbolic, used for a proposal, or even placed on fingers during a wedding ceremony. Each piece is made with my own two hands from start to finish. I am a one woman shop and do everything from designing/creating each piece, answering all correspondence, maintaining all social media outlets, ordering supplies, packaging each order, to mailing your special pieces to you. I absolutely love what I do!

A little about my story:

I'm a mother of two precious children who thrives on creativity. If I'm not creating something, I feel lost. As long as I can remember, I've always been creating, whether it be through paintings, drawings, photography, cakes, crafts...the list goes on. I will try anything, so I'm constantly experimenting and testing my creative abilities. 

After high school, I attended college and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from Texas A&M University. Of course, still creating things along the way. I married my sweetheart right after college, but being on a tight budget meant I couldn't afford to buy my bridesmaids extravagant gifts, so I decided to dabble into jewelry making and make them jewelry to wear at my wedding. When I look back at my first jewelry pieces, I'm a bit embarrassed. Thankfully, I've come a long way and hope to continue to grow in my experience and knowledge. I started LE Jewelry Designs in 2006 after much persistence from friends and family to start selling my creations. It continues to be my passion. I love what I do and do what I love! Coming up with new, original pieces is what I thrive on. I'm constantly experimenting so there will always be new techniques, mediums, etc that you'll see incorporated in my jewelry pieces.

I have enjoyed every step I've taken to make a hobby into a successful business. I am extremely thankful for my loyal customers who supported me along the way and the new ones I get to do business with.